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AHE exhibits unique stones and products at STONA 2010

10th February 2010

KUCHING: Stone processing company AHE Group (AHE) has achieved another milestones by exhibiting their products at STONA or also known as International Granites and Stone Fair, which concluded in Bangalore, India recently.

AHE Group caters for Kuching customers

4th February 2010

KUCHING: Building materials manufacturer AHE Group is expanding its business by building another two offices with showrooms at Tabuan Stutong and Pending here following the recent opening of a showroom in Batu Lintang.

Zen Wall a premium eco-friendly alternative to paint

3rd November 2009

Kuching: Also known as Zen Wall, Japanese Wall interior and exterior series are a premium eco-friendly alternative to paint, wallpaper, stucco, and other plastering finishes for walls and ceilings.

AHE Building Stones New product Promotion

17th September 2009

KUCHING: AHE’s Umehiko has always put great emphasis on brand building and brand extension to continuously improve its competitiveness, and the AHE brand has also won many market opportunities. A brand needs to constantly maintain its competitive advantage, continuously innovate, and tirelessly find new breakthroughs.

AHE Natural Stones...Timeless Beauty

30th July 2009

KUCHING: Most landscaping projects implements more softscape than hardscape. There is still little knowledge about landscaping with natural stones in the industry. Most designs continue to specify man-made materials for the cost factor. Little is known that when the process of material selection is done correctly, landscaping with stones can be more cost effective as stone is durable, weatherproof, raptor proof, insect proof, and long lived.

The Coming of Age for New Opportunities, New Challenges and New Development - AHE Recalling History

13th January 2009

Since the Roman Empire, natural stone has been the most durable of building materials. Despite the advent of “modern” products such as ceramics and vinyl sheets, natural stone continues to hold a position of prestige and class because its natural qualities lend a unique and elegant look to any project that is impossible to replicate.

AHE products showcase at China international building and deco fair

8th October 2008

KUCHING: Umehiko (M) Sdn Bhd recently participated in the 10th China (Guangzhou) International Building and Decoration Fair, as part of the company’s continuous efforts to promote the AHE brand to the world market.

AHE Commits to Support Rebuilding Efforts in Sichuan

16th May 2008

Portions of all AHE transaction will be contributed to its "Rebuilding Sichuan Homes Fund".

AHE desde Malasia, desde Malasia para el Mundo

16th October 2007

AHE de Malasia es la marca comercial de productos naturales de piedra que ha puesto su nombre en el mercado global, ganando el reconocimiento mundial por su sobresaliente calidad y auténtica belleza.

[AHE] 美国巡展 - 国际博览会圆满落幕

6th June 2007

AHE Presenting Japanese Wall

6th June 2007

AHE in Chicago's Coverings 2007

4th April 2007

The Success of Malaysia's AHE in Global Market

2nd August 2006

2006 马来西亚国际石材景观园艺博览会

5th July 2006

SUCCESSFUL CHAPTER in Successful chapter in Melbourne

4th July 2006


3rd July 2006

澳洲最大规模的建筑设计国际展集世界各国的最新建筑与设计构思把一系列各国最具有创意,适合潮流的新资讯与新建筑材料让建筑绘测师,估计师,建筑顾问,室内设计师,园艺景观设计师,屋业发展商,建筑商以及广大各阶层有关人士从建展会中获得第一手的顶极标准材料及新的国际业务营运方式。2006年澳洲建设国际展会计有16 个国家的440 间公司参加展出。

墨尔本建筑博览会 - 梅彦参展拚业绩

4th June 2006


3rd June 2006

新加坡圣淘沙度假休闲岛国际花卉盛会 - 古晋梅彦另外一个走向国际市场的平台

15th February 2006


27th January 2006

AHE Stone Products to be featured at Ibraco Property Fest 2005

14th December 2005


20th June 2005

AHE Shines in Florida at Coverings 2005

20th June 2005


28th May 2005

AHE's Successful Foray Into Russia

4th May 2005


3rd May 2005


18th March 2005


1st January 2005


1st January 2005