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AHE Building Stones New product Promotion

KUCHING: AHE’s Umehiko has always put great emphasis on brand building and brand extension to continuously improve its competitiveness, and the AHE brand has also won many market opportunities. A brand needs to constantly maintain its competitive advantage, continuously innovate, and tirelessly find new breakthroughs.

The AHE brand as described by AHE, is a brand that wishes to project the image of being a truthful, responsible, efficient, and creative corporation. The corporation at the moment captures a large market share of the recently emerging environmentally friendly products and architectural stonework for buildings and landscape. Slowly the Group is also expanding into other domains. The benefits to AHE have been increasing year after year and the Group has a team that is strong and harmonious. The team’s attitude and knowledge is having the ability to communicate worldwide, and the team’s employees are honest, hardworking, healthy, happy, proud, and find both their lives and work to be very worthwhile. Only this type of corporation will not distance itself from the objectives and aims it has set out for its brand.

Some corporations in the stone industry only emphasize on products but do not find a vision to be important. In today’s market it is not only about competing on price, quality, and service. More so, it is a competition of brands, culture, and wisdom.

A corporation needs to have a culture that is fresh, modern, and specialized. To realize the corporation’s value we must place integrity and quality above all else. Corporations that deal in low-cost marketing aimed at lowering prices, making concessions on quality, product add-ons, and trustworthy service is suicidal because they have already lost the basic ability to build a brand. Improving the corporations values and achieve highvalue- added operations would be a wise decision for a corporation that is promoting a brand. There is no brand that does not place quality and trust in their recipe for development. Our thoughts decide our path and our character forges products. There are some people who wish to start their own business but they complain of their lack of capital and that their project has no competitive advantage. When it comes to name recognition, capital, product pricing, product quality, many times newer corporations are unable to compete with mature corporations and when faced with aggressive marketing campaigns from competitors more times than none, there is nothing that these newer corporations can do.

As times change, the competition amongst modern corporations is not simply through products, capital, technology, and brands. It is a competition of concepts, mindsets and ideas. A corporation can lack capital and product recognition but as long as it is not short on ideas and comes up with brand new philosophies then it will have a competitive advantage. By combining a corporation’s intellectual resources, market resources, people resources, and organizational resources into marketing resources then entrepreneurs should not worry about the lack of capital or lack of price advantages. Mr. Andy Kho Kak Hee encourages entrepreneurs to understand that with good concepts, positive mindset coupled with competitive products, then the intangible benefits are often more valuable than the tangible benefits.

Umehiko (M) Sdn Bhd, a member of AHE Group is cooperating with MABOLO NICHE CORPORATION to service its loyal customers worldwide with valuefor- money products. To celebrate this new collaboration, AHEUmehiko is launching a special international brand building stone product line.

This product line will include natural lamistone specially designed for exterior walls, fences, feature walls, and columns. This will allow for both the interior and exterior of a residential complex to show off their radiance. AHEUmehiko also has another product line, emporium pavers. This non-slip natural emporium paver can be used to make driveways, walkways, sidewalks, and used in dry and wet markets, plazas, and commercial centers.

AHE Group started introducing a product line that is currently very popular in West Asia, Russia, and North America. This product is trademarked as ZenWall@ JapaneseWall which is a environmental- friendly wall coating, alternative to paint, wallpaper, stucco and other finishing plasters, designed to be mildew-resistant and to improve indoor air quality. Both interior and exterior series are available. Made of special formulated high quality resin and recycled stone chips, the exterior finishing, made to resemble granite and stones is both durable and moss-resistant. Exterior series also comes with a 20-year product warranty. Mr. Andy Kho Kak Hee emphasizes that this Japaneseproduced specialty spray finishing is especially suited for use on exterior walls, fences, large door columns, and ceilings and it will look like when it is first applied for years to come. ZenWall is the original product that is directly exported from Japan by MABOLO NICHE CORPORATION which is also an active member of the U.S. Green Building Council.

AHE invites interested parties from around the globe, especially Miri and Brunei to join AHE Group’s global network to become a distribution chain counterparts and stockist.

For more detailed information please log on to AHE corporate website: at www.ahe-online.com / www.japanesewall.com; blog at b.japanesewall.com or email directly at: enquiry@ahe-online. com. Inquirers can also reach AHE by phone at: 082-254097 / 019-8263326 or toll free in the US: 1-877-Jwall4U. Fax: 082-414430