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Products of Agglomarble

The 15th century Venetian craftsmen discovered a new use for discarded marble remnants by mixing the natural materials with cement which since then it has become a logical, practical solution for contemporary design and construction. This material is called Terrazzo, which originates from the Italian word meaning terraces.

To offer alternative flooring solutions to natural marble which is known for its higher maintenance, AHE AggloMarble is produced by mixing crushed natural marble, natural granite, shells or quartz chips with a matrix of high quality polyester resins and mineral pigments which then compressed into blocks, and processed like natural material and can be cut into large slabs and tiles in polished finish.

Being harder than natural marble, yet achieving the beauty and appearance of natural marble and granite, AggloMarble is considered by today's architects and designers to be a contemporary flooring and wall material for interior and exterior use.

AHE Agglomarble is produced from more than 94% of natural stone and other highly selected non-toxic bonding agent and additives. Its quality has been proven with its full application rate of natural stones, consistency in result, high durability, non-radioactive, aseptic and low moisture absorption rate. AHE holds pride to call it an eco-friendly stone.

AHE AggloMarble is proudly Made in Malaysia.