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Products of Roofing

While there was no evidence of when the first roof was ever built, but the whole idea behind having a roofing system buit was to create a safe haven to sheds the rain, shades from the sun, and buffers the weather. During some periods in the history of architecture, the roof imparts much of the architectural character. It defines the style and contributes to the building's aesthetics.

The Chinese developed Clay baked tiles around 10,000 BC and later manufactured in the Middle East. The use of clay tile spread throughout Asia and Europe. We are proud to introduce Iwafuku Ceramic Roof Tiles, manufactured to the latest environmental standards, which once fired, creates a highly durable material in rich colours that will never fade. It is a unique, interlocking, high quality tile made in the Japanese tradition. Iwafuku Ceramic Roof Tiles is also suitable for western, contemporary designs.

Evidence of roofing slates have been found to be in use since the 17th century. Slate was popular for its durability, fireproof qualities, and aesthetic potential. AHE Slate roof has been carefully selected during production to ensure that only the hardest natural slates are used. Available in different shape and sizes, AHE natural slate roof is easy to install and requires very minimal maintenance.

" May the roof above us never fall in. And may the friends gathered below it never fall out."- Irish Blessings