AHE stone products

AHE Aria Hybrid Roof

AHE Aria Roof is produced using high pressure pre-moulded material combining special carbon with macro-molecule resin fiber, cement and light weight aggregate. This is an environmental-friendly roofing which contributes to LEED credits. The product is produced in environmentally conscious setting, using less energy than other roofing products.

  • 40% Lighter
  • 16 times more durable
  • Better Insulation @ 0.27kcal/mhC
  • Better water-proofing ability; sustaining wind velocity of up to 23m/s
  • Higher Coating Perfomance
  • Asbestos Free

  • AHE Aria Yume 7
    a) Yume-7 C
    b) Yume-7 F
  • AHE Aria Provencia
    a) Provencia C
    b) Provencia Fleur
  • AHE Aria Chateau
    a) Chateau C
    b) Chateu F
    c) Chateau Fleur

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