AHE stone products

Products of Reclaimed Stones

There is a story behind every piece of stone, may it be pavers we walk on, horse sculpture from the Tang Dynasty, horse/pig trough in the old village deep inside a county, or wooden door with copper studs. With this mission, our team of adventurers travel deep into villages which are facing relocation due to development or possible natural disaster, old temples, mansions all over China and Southeast Asia to collect any reclaim pieces we can possibly acquire from the local communities.

The well-known site where a lot of reclaimed stone pieces, from pavers, quoins, basins to wooden doors and carvings many years ago were obtained from over 20 relocating villages around the Three Gorges Dams, to allow for the construction of the massive dam.

Over the past 10 years we have collected over 30,000 pieces of historical stone, not including the many pavers and wall bricks. We would like to share the history with enthusiast collectors, architects/designers who are passionate with building with old materials. Every piece we have collected are invaluable and we love every piece of them, not all pieces are for sale. If you are destined to have the piece, you will get it.