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BC Network

You can also be one of our Business Counterparts (B.C.). Franchising opportunities also available for discussion.

We invite all genuine and interested parties with positive mindset and self-motivated drive to join us for win-win fruitful long term for collaboration for exports, wholesale, retail and projects.

From sourcing of stone materials all over the world to identifying and tying up with the finest quarries worldwide, AHE has set up the most logistic, sophisticated and strategic production bases situated in different regions of Mainland China and other stone-producing countries for the production and exports of its brand of AHE granite, marble of different countries of origin, and other types of natural building stone materials. This strategy, which was implemented a decade ago has been proven to be the right strategy that suits today's challenging global business environment. Buying direct from sources overseas can be as simple as shopping domestically in today's increasingly borderless world. This is the most effective way of cost saving and quality is monitored and guaranteed by reliable, genuine, credible and responsible producer and exporter like AHE. As such, we are actively seeking and recruiting genuine enterprising Business Counterparts (BC) / representatives worldwide with positive mindset and good character to share this lucrative business- with high market potential for commercial, residential, industrial, religious, educational, administrative and cultural projects globally.

The word (cheng) is our everyday philosophy in business undertakings no matter where we go, as we believe that one cannot go wrong with sincerity, openness and modesty, especially in view of today's societal change. Through years of persistence, principle, perseverance, neverending search for innovation, and accumulated international experience, AHE is able to strengthen its operation with the full cooperation and supporting team of its closest business counterparts from Japan, China, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Latin America, France, India and the ASEAN countries. Having established good reputation among our quarriers, we are able to offer the most cost-effective business undertakings. Firstly, we can supply at quarry /factory prices. Secondly, order with us need not be in full container load. No order is considered too big or too small; thus we are able to help our customers save costs. Lastly, with the back ups of the reserve-rich quarries and shipping lines that we liaise with, we are confident of supplying large quantities on timely basis, even for large-scale projects.

We look forward to welcoming you to our family of business counterparts (BC) in our marketing network worldwide.

"The road to success belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious. This time like all times is a very good one if we but know what to do with it."
- AHE Group