AHE stone products


Alternative to Natural Stone and which is produced through environmentally friendly manufacturing process. As we have excessive of very pure white marble dust, and marble quarry, the only way to reduce on pollution is to recycle the these products. In the past, the excess was dumped into the man-made lake closeby or to pave the roads. Nonetheless, it is realized that it does not contribute positively to the environment nor its surrounding. As such, the idea of agglomarble and revitalization of terrazzo came up.

The machine used is renowned Italian Breton for compressed marble. Nonetheless, using our experience in natural stone, we have taken a step further to create the most wonderful and new colors and patterns. Agglomarble is harder than natural marble, with its strength, water absorption exceeding that of the natural ones.

This is commonly used for commercial complexes in polished finish. It can also be produced in lychee, antic, honed and flamed finish. The thinnest produced for size 600x600mm is 8mm.

AHE works closely with designers and architects worldwide to customize its agglomarble based on the design, colour and size to make one project the only one of its kind.