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AHE Commits to Support Rebuilding Efforts in Sichuan

[May 16, 2008, Kuching] May 12, 2008 is a sad day for everyone in the world, not only in China. Noted as the worst disaster in the Chinese history, the Sichuan earthquake has taken tens of thousands of lives, and many in the remote villages. Nonetheless, this quake would not take down the strength and unity of China.

Through this earthquake incident, we have witnessed how strong the people of Sichuan, as a community is. The victims has shown their positive spirits, strength and courage to overcome this unwanted disaster.

AHE has been long working in Sichuan quarries for the last 6 years, and assisted many home grown quarriers and factories in remote areas. While the 7.9 magnitude earthquake affected the stone industry differently, but the factories closer to Wenchuan and Beichuan areas are closed for production. AHE is committed to support the home rebuilding efforts in Sichuan, especially for the local community who is living off quarrying stones and fabricating stones.

Portions of all AHE transaction will be contributed to its Rebuilding Sichuan Homes Fund. Through its worlwide market network in Asia, Europe, the Americas and Middle East, AHE clientele will be directly contributing to this fund.

Chairman Andy Kho Kak Hee also called on everyone to offer assistance in whatever way possible to help the victims of the earthquake.