AHE stone products

The Coming of Age for New Opportunities, New Challenges and New Development - AHE Recalling History

The Leader in the Stone Industry

Umehiko of AHE Group, through its genuine business philosophy, excellent quality control and efficient customer service is the leader in the stone industry.

28 years ago, the group established production plants in Beijing, China, and made the New Mainland its base for exports of natural slates. In the 1980’s, natural slate was an unpopular material due to its rough texture and unpredictable color variation. Through AHE’s unwavering marketing efforts, this sedimentary stone is still one of the most popular materials used throughout the world today.

In the 1990s, the company focused on producing cut-to-size architectural stones such as granite, marble, sandstone, limestone and antique reclaimed stones with an eye on large, multi-year projects, where the highest quality, craftsmanship and design vision are required.

In addition to natural stone, AHE is strengthening its venture in Japanese ceramic roof tiles, and high quality fiber reinforced concrete roof tiles, and a series of eco-friendly wall coverings trademarked as Zen Wall.

Zen Wall is an alternative to paint, wallpaper, stucco and other finishing plasters. Through the effort of AHE, Zen Wall is now overwhelmingly popular in North America, Europe, Russia and Middle East. Through branding and proper positioning of its products, AHE has won recognition from Malaysia’s Ministry of International Trade and Industry, and actively participates and collaborates with its External Trade Arm to develop new markets and enhance the quality of natural stone.

AHE-Umehiko’s current production bases include China, Italy, Brazil, India, Germany, France, Turkey and Japan.

Observing the Current Market for New Business Opportunity

“Even though this round of financial crisis is one of the worst to occur, no one should be discouraged from starting their own business,” said Chairman Andy Kho Kak Hee.

“One should take very careful steps in analyzing the industry to be involved in before making a final decision.”

“The stone industry still has a bright future, and there are still a lot of opportunities to be explored.” The management of AHE has carefully analyzed market developments locally and internationally, and recognized that networking and strategic partnerships are crucial for present and future development. Opportunity belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious. There is still a lot to be cultivated in the stone industry, and AHE invites any interested emerging entrepreneurs and/or companies to join its global marketing network to build a business through AHE brands. AHE is open to different ways of operation and collaboration. AHE will manage production, quality control, and offer guidance for any start-up. For any party facing financial difficulties, further negotiation is encouraged with Umehiko. Any party with the positive mindset, confidence and persistent entrepreneurship will be eligible to become one of AHE’s marketing counterparts.

Unlimited Innovation

There is no limit to the design of natural stones – the only limitation is creativity. AHE stone products have proven distinctive and innovative, whether in the creation of the vernacular of a Mediterranean Manor, a Victorian crafted architrave, a Roman pool, or forming a breaking wave in granite for a museum. AHE is also an active member of the U.S. Green Building Council, dedicated to sustainable building design and construction.

AHE welcomes any genuine and interested counterparts to join its global marketing network. For more information, please visit www.ahe-online.com / www.ahe-online.com and www.japanesewall.com. Interested parties can contact AHE via email enquiry@ahe-online.com or telephone 019-826 3326 / 082-254097