AHE stone products

The Success of Malaysia's AHE in Global Market

Malaysia’s AHE brand of natural stone products has made its name in the global market place, winning recognition worldwide for its superb quality and authentic beauty. From its existing stone production bases in China, India , Germany and Latin America, Umehiko is now transferring its technical know-how and imparting its invaluable experience in the stone industry to new resourceful stone producing countries for the development of new ranges of innovative AHE stone products. Capitalising on over 30 years of experience in international stone business, Umehiko is all set to realizing its corporate blueprint to conglomerate all its global production bases and business counterparts worldwide to complete the supply chain of international stone materials and transform into an international stone trading and knowledge transfer platform. Currently this conglomerate has already entered the Japanese, European and U.S. markets through its production bases, the supply of natural stones from China, Italy, South America, India, Norway and Turkey. Importers and traders from across the globe can now find various types of top quality natural stone materials of different origins from China, Malaysia and even a town named Kuching. According to the Chairman of Umehiko company, a well-planned and developed International Natural Stone Processing Trade Centre will be developed in Kuching, and in every state of Malaysia. Umehiko recently participated in the Malaysia International Landscape and Garden Festival 2006 which was held at Kuala Lumpur Perdana Lake Gardens (Taman Tasik Perdana) from 6 to 16 July, 2006. Umehiko’s theme showgarden, the Garden of 8 which was built on a 5000 sq ft ground, featured modern Islamic, European, Mediterranean and Asian themed flavours through the creative arrangement of 120 metric tonnes/ 4 containers of AHE natural stone products from China, Germany, South America and Turkey. This garden was awarded the Laman 2006 Merit Award. One of Umehiko’s major projects in progress currently is the creative up-market, value enhancing AHE Lamistone to Height Drive housing estate. AHE Lamistone and AHE polygonal flagstone featured wall at Heights Drive housing estate is opened to public viewing daily. For those who are keen to venture into the landscape architecture and construction fields, Umehiko’s Chairman, Andy Kho Kak Hee invites you to join AHE Group as its Business Counterparts. For more information or enquiries, please contact Umehiko at tel: 082-254097, fax: 082-414430, email: enquiry@ahe-online.com or log on to AHE website at www.ahe-online.com.