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After the resounding success of the inaugural Sentosa Flowers held in Year 2005, the Sentosa Island is organizing the Sentosa Flowers 2006 presenting an even bigger floral extravaganza during this Chinese New Year period, from 29 January to 5 February 2006. UMEHIKO (M) Sdn Bhd of Kuching is honored to be invited by the Sentosa Leisure Group of Singapore to participate in this large scale event which is expected to attract more than three hundred thousand (300,000) visitors from Singapore and all over the world to discover the delightful arrays of unique species of herb, bizarre and exotic flora.

The Sentosa Island Resort embarked on a strategic long term plan to rejuvenate the island in 2002. The development projects for casino resorts, the Southern Islands and the infrastructure on the Sentosa Island are coming on stream and will be completed in a phased manner. Now in Sentosa Island, luxurious resort, prestigious waterfront residential properties are in every corner. The construction of two 6-star international hotel resorts is also underway.

Kuching’s UMEHIKO (M) Sdn Bhd will be exhibiting its new range of AHE natural stone products in the Sentosa Flowers 2006. According to its Chairman, Mr. Kho Kak Hee, the company has been actively participating in numerous international expo and exhibition worldwide and has been successful in positioning its AHE brand in the global market, structuring its global marketing network as well as providing a trading platform for its global business partners. Under the leadership of Mr. Kho Kak Hee, UMEHIKO has achieved strategic growth over the years. In the natural stone industry internationally, UMEHIKO has successfully establish its unique AHE brand and breakthrough in the international building material industry. The company’s natural stone products have won recognition and credits from customers from the USA, Europe, Japan and Australia.

In the Malaysia-China Friendship Park at Jalan Song which was officially opened to public recently, UMEHIKO supplied the natural stone pieces which include the granite globe with shadow carved images of the Chinese leader, Mao Ze Tung and Hu Jing Tao as well as past and present Malaysian Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir and Dato Sri Abdullah Badawi, carvings depicting the cultural and historic uniqueness and landmarks of the thirteen states of Malaysia, murals with carvings resembling Sarawak’s multiracial culture and tradition, the panda-orang utan stone-carved garden bench, UMEHIKO solar lantern & the hornbill sculptures etc. Among the other noteworthy stone projects undertaken by UMEHIKO in 2005 include the supply of paving stones and kerb stones for the Langkawi Balai Cerap Negara Project and the 4th phase of Melbourne’s Retirement Village, the supply of granite flooring and wall tiles for the interior and washrooms, ledgestones and vanity top for the 9-floor government office in Kapit.

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