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AHE Presenting Japanese Wall

AHE Group proudly presents Zen wall, a revolutionary wall covering composed of time-honored ingredients like natural sand, diatomite earth, clay, natural stone chips and straw (wara). At the recently concluded Coverings 2007: The Ultimate Tile & Stone Experience, first time held in Chicago and also one of the biggest show in North America, Umehiko featured its range of unique designer’s stone products, including introducing a new ancienne finished marble flooring, mosaic murals, designer’s basin and integrated to create a contemporary Japanese teahouse.

With the market trend moving gradually into natural products, AHE received overwhelming response for its range of special cut stones and its eco-friendly Japanese wall coverings, which is now popularly used throughout North America. Combined with a specially formulated bonding emulsion and other non-toxic materials, Japanese Wall is made durable and easy to apply. The juraku colors, which are mainly earthy tones, provide a soothing, peaceful and beautiful finishing to any rooms. In addition, it provides a healthier environment as it is free from VOC and formaldehyde. The overwhelming response of Umehiko products attracted the media. One of the largest papers in the U.S. which interviewed Chairman Andy Kho Kak Hee was New York Sintao Daily in Chicago. Concurrently, its Japanese wall covering is being specified by designers, architects for commercial and residential projects. Mr. Andy Kho reveals that the product will be penetrated into Latin America.

Japanese Wall has been used on the walls and ceilings of Japanese temples, castles, homes and teahouses centuries ago. Today, it is popularly used in modern architecture, both residential and commercial. AHE’s Japanese Wall is penetrating into U.S.A. and from America to the world.

Interior sand-based series of Japanese Wall comes in dry material, and is easy to handle simply by adding water, mix well, and then is applied by trowels or spray. The result is a straw-laced, granular surface with a subtle radiance, imparting an archival beauty and style to buildings, while creating a distinctive tranquil atmosphere.

An ideal alternative to stucco, paint and wallpaper, Japanese Wall is a unique material offering non-toxic, seamless, long lasting, healthy and beautiful walls with an authentic textured finish and universal appeal beauty, functionality combined with a healing ambience. Its natural texture and soothing earthy colors evoke a sense of serenity and grace. The production of Japanese Wall is strictly in accordance to Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS), which also meets British and American standards for its fire rating. Most of the series have been awarded with ISO 2001 certification in Quality Control Management and Eco Mark.

“We are excited to introduce Japanese Wall as our newest, healthy and fascinating product to the market. We have been working with sand-based wall coverings for the past 25 years. We are continuing developing new series which focus on the health aspects,” says Chairman Andy Kho. “The Healthy Wall series is composed of tourmaline, porphyry, diatomaceous earth that is able to adjust the moisture in the room; it is a great heat insulator and a natural vermin-control which can absorb foul smells and disintegrate formaldehyde which is found everywhere around us.” AHE also specializes in wall cladding stones such as ledgestone and lamistone, cut-to-size stone-works for interior furnishing and exterior landscape. Under the brand of AHE, it has establishes its marketing network worldwide. More information can be obtained at its corporate website www.ahe-online.com or email to enquiry@ahe-online.com or contact tel: 082-254097 fax: 082-414430