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In conjunction with the 30th anniversary celebration of the establishment of diplomatic ties between Malaysia and China, the Chinese Export Commodities Exhibition and Investment Conference (Malaysia) 2004 (CECEM), which was akin to the infamous Guangzhou Trade Fair, was held at the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) from December 16-19, 2004. This event which was sponsored by China's commerce ministry, organised by the China Foreign Trade Centre and supported by the Economic and Commercial Counsellorís Offices of the Embassies of China in ASEAN and the Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce, received remarkable response from the public. According to the councellor in the Commerical Counsellorís Office in the Chinese Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, this fair was an important event for both Malaysia and China in the celebration of the 30 years of diplomatic relations. The Chinese Ambassador to Malaysia Wang Chungui also stressed that this 30 years of friendship is a remarkable historic moment that strengthens the political ties, trade collaboration and cultural exchange for both countries to better understand one another. Under the meaningful ASEAN+China Trade Agreement to be materialized, Malaysia could act as a gateway for China investors to explore the South-East Asian market.

Among the total of 255 exhibitors from 17 provinces or towns in China that took part in CECEM, Kuching, Sarawak based Umehiko (M) Sdn Bhd stood out as the only Malaysian company to participate in the event and showcased its comprehensive range of AHE branded natural stone landscape products, which are becoming popularly used in Southeast Asian market. Umehiko has long developed strategic tie up in China since two decades ago and set up its production bases in different regions of China. ASEAN is an important region for Chinese exports market, and the stronger bilateral trades would inevitably further enhance the relationship between the two parties economically and culturally. With Malaysiaís stable political and growing economic environment, Malaysia is at competitive advantage to act as gateway for overseas investor to explore the Southeast Asian market. The increased economic integration of China with ASEAN has sensitized all parties to the possibility of more, as of last November regional leaders declared that a free trade agreement between China and the ASEAN countries is likely within 10 years. This would create an opportunity for Malaysia to act as an important gateway as global economic player in the region.

According to the Chairman of Umehiko (M) Sdn Bhd, Mr. Andy Kho Kak Hee, opportunities must be seized before possibilities become obvious, because Malaysia shall in the near future become one of the worldís most attractive and important window for global trades and enterprises. Andy also encourages young Malaysians to cherish and seize this golden opportunity and gain as much knowledge to be ready for the future challenges.

Established since 1985, Umehiko is one of the pioneer Malaysian company to set up production base in China for its exclusive series of natural building stone products, which includes granite and marble sculptures, bench tops, landscape stone products, pavers, stepping stones, solar energy lanterns and bollards, customized granite and marble floor tiles and staircases. With its production bases in China, Umehikoís competitive advantage lies not only in attractive pricing but the company continually practices Japanese market standards in its production and exports, and its business philosophy of being modest and sincere. Umehiko strives to continually develop new stone products for worldwide exports, and ensure its Business Counterparts (BC) under its distribution network worldwide are updated with the latest series of AHE branded stone products and market trend in order to be competitive in the business. Currently, most of its newly developed products are exported to different parts of the world, especially Europe and North America which are much more mature market for natural stone products.

Besides China, Umehiko making sure it is always offering the best, has taken a step further to export its range of natural stone products directly from other stone producing countries such as India, Latin America, Germany, Belgium and Italy to its clients worldwide. Its current market for the exports of AHE stones includes Japan, Australia, U.S., Canada and Europe. Umehiko can usually be traced in different exhibitions worldwide, following its relay to identify more genuine BCs. In July 2004, Umehiko won Sarawak Gold Merit Award in the first Malaysia Landscape and Garden Festival (Laman 2004) held at Perdana Lake Gardens Kuala Lumpur, where it featured a show garden themed ìTrue Colors of Tanah Air Malaysiaî by using its range of natural stone products. Currently an exclusive range of AHE natural landscape stone products can also be found at Jusco Home Center of One Utama Jusco Shopping Centre in Petaling Jaya, where a beautiful garden is featured indoor. A garden center and showroom carrying AHE Stones are also expected to open within this month in Sabah and Australia respectively.

Andy stresses that win-win collaboration is essential in todayís global village. ìInnovation captures competitiveness; genuine sincerity earns fruitful collaboration and opportunities must be seized before possibilities become obvious,î said Andy.

The next station for which Umehiko will be stopping by in Year 2005 are the 11th MOSBUILD 2005 in Moscow, Russia April 2005, Coverings 2005, Florida, USA in May 5-7, 2005 and Designbuild Trade Show 2005, Sydney Australia from June 5-8, 2005. Both Malaysian and overseas clients can obtain AHEís newly developed stone products at Tel: +60-82-254097, Fax: +60-82-414430 Email: enquiry@ahe-online.com or visit website at www.ahe-online.com