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AHE Natural Stones...Timeless Beauty

KUCHING: Most landscaping projects implements more softscape than hardscape. There is still little knowledge about landscaping with natural stones in the industry. Most designs continue to specify man-made materials for the cost factor. Little is known that when the process of material selection is done correctly, landscaping with stones can be more cost effective as stone is durable, weatherproof, raptor proof, insect proof, and long lived.

Natural stone ornament provides a point on which the eye can rest and the contrast with plants around them. By beautifying our environment with products of Mother Nature, it marks the spiritual connection between the nature and human race.

Whether you use it in rustic or formal designs, it signifies good taste; a stone entryway, curving wall, arch, or path is quietly elegant and looks expensive. In this age of throwaways, stone is also psychologically appealing; it represents strength, stability, and permanence.

The art of customized stone would make a landscape project unique, may it be for commercial or residential.

The use of natural product into landscape architecture and design also contributes to sustainable building which benefits the environment and human beings.

Umehiko of AHE has been actively contributing to the creative stone production since over two decades ago. The brand “AHE” was known as the pioneer of fibrous ceilings seen in many prestigious projects in Sarawak.

A few years later, the company started venturing offshore in the production of natural building stone and customized landscaping stone.

A few years ago, Mabolo Niche Corporation of AHE Group revamped and revitalized the brand of Japanese Wall, also known as Zen Wall which AHE was supplying 30 years ago.

This time, marketing started in the U.S., and since took off also in Russia, South Africa, France, Germany, Eastern Europe, Iran, Australia, etc. Zen Wall is eco-friendly alternative to paint, wallpaper, stucco and other finishing plasters for interior, exterior and ceilings coating. Mabolo Niche Corporation is an active member of U.S. Green Building Council often participating in major events in North America. One recent project undertaken by AHE is Shemshak Ski Resort in Tehran, Iran which also consists of a series of hotels.

AHE takes on paradigm shift in its business strategy by making full use of the internet technology in their exposure, and the company values the importance of teamwork and networking with professionals such as designers, architects and its resellers worldwide.

Production of AHE Stone is strictly done based on Japanese QAQC standards, which serves as its competitive advantage, at the time able to compete in the ever-more transparent market.

With its maturity in production and supply of a full range of building products, including roof tiles, AHE is welcoming any genuine company and individuals to join its global network. “We believe in friendly collaboration with genuine counterparts and we are open to share our experience, strength and business philosophy.

Our ultimate goal is to achieve win-win collaboration and create more entrepreneurial opportunity,” says Managing Chairman, Andy Kho Kak Hee.

Further information may be gathered at corporate website www.ahe-online.com Email enquiry@ahe-online.com Tel: 082-254097 Fax: 082-414430