AHE stone products

AHE in Chicago's Coverings 2007

AHE brand of stone products not only include its specialization of custom-made stone works but also polished marble/granite slabs, anti-slip stone pavers, wall claddings, stone table tops, stone treads and risers, kerbstones, stone mosaics, hardscape stone series such as stone fountains, aesthetic unprocessed boulders, stone benches, stone (solar) lanterns, sculptures, palisades, stone wash-basins/shower trays for kitchen, indoors and outdoors. In addition, Umehiko also carries unique high-end Japanese wall coverings, high quality Japanese ceramic and fibre-reinforced double interlocking cement roof tiles, natural slate roofing tiles.

All the wide range of AHE brands of products will be showcased in the biggest world stone sector event of international exhibition - The Coverings 2007, April 17-20 to be held in Chicago McCormick Place Exhibition Centre, 231 South Lake Shore Drive in booth no. 4867 and 4868 under the company name of Mardero LLC. AHE’s next stop will be Designbuild in Perth, Australia from 16-19 October, 2007.

AHE has its stone factory production base in China, the country’s largest port for imports and exports of stones and cladding materials situated on the Taiwan Strait. Its simplified production technology and well-qualified work-force achieved through the need of satisfying the finishing demands of stringent Japanese market have already been witnessed at all AHE booths with specially designed themed exhibits in international exhibition events that the company had participated.

AHE stone products are made from various stone types including granite, basalt, limestones, marble, sandstone, quartzite and slates. All these raw materials and their resulting products are superbly presented and illustrated, with their various patterns of finishing in the company’s leaflets and catalogues.

AHE brand of natural stone products made its initial foray into China over 20 years ago when its Chairman, Andy Kho Kak Hee pioneered in the production and exports of natural building stones. Concurrently, AHE also established its ventured stone production bases throughout the world in South Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe and Latin America for direct exports to assure that its comprehensive range of stone products are always competitively priced to meet different market situation while conforming to stringent Japanese market standard.

Following the principle of perseverance, sincerity and modesty, AHE has firmly established itself on the international stages forming mutually beneficial and strategic business alliances with its global network of Business Counterpart (BC).

With its current exports market encompassing Southeast Asian region, Japan, India, Australia, Europe and North America, AHE continues today to develop new products and services, create new markets, gain access to innovative resources and implement efficient task-taking methods for its participating counterparts worldwide. Full details and information of AHE Group and products are available through its website at www.ahe-online.com and www.japanesewall.com or please contact us at tel: 082-254097 fax: 082-414430 or email: enquiry@ahe-online.com