AHE stone products

Limestones / Blustone

Limestone are soft sediments deposits which have been laid down as beds under water by a variety of chemical, biological and physical processes.

Over millions of years the sediments are buried, compressed and cemented by percipitation from the mineral rich waters contained therein.

Blustone is a dolerite composed of fine and compact silica grains which make it a very hard stone. The hardness of blustone makes it very suitable as landscape stones, as pavers, kerbstones, drain covers etc.

Another material complimenting to blustone is lavastone which is very durable with great strength made of volcanic lava. Lavastone is fade-resistant and unaffected by thermal shock and direct flame.

AHE Limestones are only carefully selected ones which are classified under the harder stones range with special colors. AHE offer some unique limestones only for projects and are not publicized commercially.

Please send us email or fax to request for other materials which you do not see on this page.