AHE stone products


Natural sandstone is a sedimentary rock, and is composed mainly of uncolored quartz, sand grais, and infiltrations of oxidized and decomposed minerals called salts (silicate peroxide).

It is formed in oceans, lakes and rivers where tiny bits of rocks and dirt settle to the bottom. Over time, these layers of sand get compressed and eventually turns into solid rock.

AHE takes pride in bringing in the rarest sandstones available, and also continue to cultivate and quarry new sandstone types to replace other overseas sandstones which are no longer available or have limited production.

The color varies from red, green, yellow, gray, white, purple, maroon, and is a result of the binding material and its percentage constituent.

The common finishes available on sandstones are honed, sandblasted, lychee, flamed/thermal, split faced, rock faced and sawn-cut. Any sizes are available. Nonetheless, some sizes and thickness are subject to availability of raw materials. Do send send details and sizes if you do not see one that you want.