AHE stone products


Slate is a sedimentary stone which is formed by the compression of calcareous minerals originating from ocean beds and clayish mud from mountains.

AHE first ventured into natural slates back in 1984 when the materials are still in abundance. Today the mature level in the production of slates, has evolved in making quality roof shingles, countertop, long treads, lamistone, columns, and carvings which were out of imagination 20 years ago.

With many questions raised with the use of slates, whether it is on peeling, or out of fashion, AHE continues to produce and supply only the finest grade of slates, suitable for all types of buildings and landscapes, not limited to standard sized tiles.

When a little bit of creativity in put in, anything is possible out of stone. All it takes is a little bit of care and time. Do send us email if you do not see what you like on the website, because we have them all.